Disney 10 minute shake up - passport and sticker pack

Series : Change 4 Life

Published : July 2017
Page Length : 1
Format : Custom size
Supplier : N/A
Publisher : Public Health England

This pack features a passport and stickers to help children embark on a Shake Up adventure with Disney over the summer. The passport includes six Disney stories and Shake Ups. In each one, kids will discover fun games and activities inspired by their favourite characters - including Disney Pixar’s Cars 3, and Disney’s Zootropolis, Beauty and The Beast, Moana, Frozen and The Lodge - to help them reach the 60 minutes of activity they need every day. When children have done their Shake Ups, they can choose a sticker from the sticker sheets and ‘stamp’ it in their passport page. They can choose any game they like to earn their stamps. Get the whole family involved and see if you can earn all your stamps by the end of the summer!

Maximum Order: 10


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