Don't dismiss the early signs of a heart attack - male 1 (digital screen)

Series : Help Us Help You - Heart Attack

Published : June 2022
Page Length : 1
Format : Screensavers / waiting room screen promotions
Supplier : N/A
Publisher : Public Health England

The first NHS campaign of its kind, it raises awareness of the symptoms of a heart attack and encourages anyone experiencing these symptoms to dial 999. Heart and circulatory disease, also known as cardiovascular disease, causes a quarter of all deaths in the UK and is the largest cause of premature mortality in deprived areas. This is the single biggest area where the NHS can save lives over the next 10 years. While people act upon chest pain or symptoms commonly associated with cardiac arrests, heart attacks manifest themselves in different ways, and people may not recognise other symptoms (such as general feeling of unease, feeling weak or lightheaded). Chest pain can also manifest as tightness or squeezing, rather than pain.