Help is at hand - support after someone may have died by suicide (booklet)

Series : Help is at hand

Published : September 2015
Page Length : 68
Format : Custom size
Supplier : N/A
Publisher : Public Health England

When you first learn that someone has died in circumstances that may be due to suicide, you can experience a range of emotions. You could be feeling at a loss, and unsure about what you are thinking or doing. It can be helpful to have information about what you might be feeling, practical matters you are likely to have to deal with and suggestions on further help and support in the weeks and months ahead. This booklet can help. It attempts to describe some of what you are going through. It has been put together with the help of people who have been bereaved by suicide and who may have experienced some kind of what you are going through. It is hoped that this guide will offer support and reassurance and enable you to not feel alone. There are sections focusing on emotions, feelings and helping people with a particular connection to the person who died.

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