Leave lead out of your tap water

Series : Love every drop

Published : 2016
Page Length : 4
Format : Booklet A5
Supplier : N/A
Publisher : Anglian Water

When water leaves the treatment works, it's lead free. But lead can end up in your tap water if it's left standing in old lead pipework around the home. This factsheet tells you how to check for lead and what to do if you find it. Our region has a high incidence of older properties, therefore the water supplies to these properties are often connected to the mains using old lead pipework. This means that lead could be present in the drinking supply. Consuming lead can pose a potential health risk, particularly to those most vulnerable; pregnant women and young children. This is because consuming too much lead can inhibit brain development and cause cognitive and behavioural problems, particularly in babies and young children under six. Please note that this leaflet is not revelant to people in Great Yarmouth and Lowestoft as they are not covered by Anglian Water.

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