Shake up your summer - 10 minute shake up (screen saver)

Series : Change 4 Life

Published : July 2019
Page Length : 1
Format : Screensavers / waiting room screen promotions
Supplier : N/A
Publisher : Public Health England

A TV screen saver that can be used as advertising in public spaces such as reception/waiting area TV screens. The new campaign aims to get primary school aged children more active by playing Disney-themed 10 Minute Shake Up games. This year children will be inspired by their favorite characters and stories from Disney and Pixar and Disney: Toy Story 4, Incredibles 2, Frozen and The Lion King. By playing the 10 minute shake up games, children will develop and practice the skills they need to build key physical attributes of strength, stamina and agility. Ultimately, the campaign aims to act as an inspiration and gateway to other physical activities and sports.