Shingles vaccination - who's eligible? (A3 poster)

Series : Immunisation

Published : May 2017
Page Length : 1
Format : Poster A3
Supplier : N/A
Publisher : Public Health England

A poster showing who is eligible for the shingles vaccination in 2017 to 2018: for GP surgeries, hospitals, care homes and primary care settings. Prior to April 2017, shingles vaccine was offered routinely to individuals aged 70 years with a phased catch up programme based on age as of 1 September that year. However from 1 April, in order to simplify the delivery of the programme, eligibility has been changed to the date a patient turns 70 years (routine cohort) and 78 years (catch up cohort). Patients who attain the age of 70 or 78 in 2017 to 2018 can however be opportunistically immunised at any point in the year. Patients remain eligible for the shingles vaccine up until their 80th birthday. Those with existing eligibility for the vaccine but who missed it, can be offered immunisation on an opportunistic basis.

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